We teach the "Individual" not a method!

The Functional Golf Training

 What is "Functional Golf?"

It is an accelerated golf training program that has produced the highest success rate in the industry for more than 35 years.  When compared to traditional coaching programs, and using people of equal ability, "Functional Golf" students have shown that after 6-months they are typically 12 to 18 months more advanced in both skill level and knowledge.

Why is it so successful? 

The incredible success rate is due to the fact that it is a knowledge based training curriculum that is process oriented, not outcome oriented.  It is base on the Whole-Part-Whole method of learning; endorsed and approved by the PGA of America.  Students are exposed to the "whole" golf swing procedure instead of a piecemeal perspective. Next, it uses the "Total Immersion" accelerated method for learning used by the US Military when a working knowledge and understanding of a subject is needed quickly. Since 1981 Rick Walker has perfected, mastered, and successfully employed this unique no-nonsense method of instruction and training as it applies to golf. 

The process begins with "immersing" the student in the whole swing by way of an "Introductory Seminar" or  through an "Evaluation Lesson."  After one of these knowledge based sessions, students have a clear understanding of what has to happen, why, and the correct sequential order.  For the experienced golfer this clears up their misconceptions and myths about the golf swing.  For the beginner, it brings them up to speed quickly so they do not feel lost and/or intimidated.  Everyone receives a copy of "The Functional Golf Swing" book to reference and use as their "blueprint" to train with; then begin building their golf swing base on their individual body type, flexibility, range of motion, and learning style.  Although the method produces results quickly, it is not a quick fix.

With this complete understanding of the whole swing, the critical nature of the parts become obvious.  Students are able to understand the purpose and effect of each part and become convinced of the importance of mastering that part before moving to the next.  During training, students are shown check points easily referenced to insure correct execution.  What our students like is the fact that they know what causes each good or bad shot and how to control it. 

Most important, the execution of the swing and corresponding swing keys will be determined by each students body individually.  What the body will allow based on body type, flexibility, range-of-motion, and learning style.